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1. Are you insured?

Yes, we carry liability insurance and can provide a certificate of our insurance upon request at any time. 

2. Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a minimum 5-year labor warranty on all of our projects. The materials we use also contain a manufacture warranty. 

3. Do you offer financing?

We offer financing through a company called Service Finance Company, LLC. There are many different options available, so just ask us and we will find one that suites your needs!

4. What if the decking is damaged when you tear off the roof?

One thing we do to ensure proper inspection is we tear off your roof completely to the decking. We do not roof over the existing felt paper. If we find areas that need to be replaced, we replace up to 3 sheets of decking at no additional cost. We will also take a lot of pictures along the way to keep you informed of what is happening to your roof. 

5. How will you protect my property?

Roofing is a messy job, but we do all that we can to alleviate this problem. As we tear off the roof, we put the shingles in piles. That way we can walk the shingles to the dumpster and throw away all at once. This means we won't be throwing the shingles all over your yard and onto your plants. We also lay down 6 mil plastic sheeting around the house where we are working to avoid trash going everywhere and making the clean-up process easier. After the project is complete we will go around with a magnet to ensure we pick up all of the nails. We will sweep or blow walk ways and rake the yard as needed to make sure we get all of the trash cleaned up.